Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Mantha and Spits in hot water with OHL

Former Saginaw Spirit head coach Moe Mantha, now the Windsor Spitfires' coach and general manager, has faced the proverbial music with the OHL for a pre-season hazing incident on the team bus and a separate incident at a team practice between Steve Downie and Akim Aliu.

As a result of the hazing incident, Mantha (pictured center) will be suspended for one year as general manager and 25 games as coach. He will be suspended for a further 15 games from coaching as a result of the incident at the team practice, for a total suspension from coaching for 40 games.

The Spitfires were also fined $35,000 for the two incidents.

“The League has a deep responsibility to all our players and their families to foster and provide a healthy environment for the development and well-being of all the young men in our League," OHL commissioner David Branch said. "We must never lose sight of our obligation in this area. Everyone connected with the Ontario Hockey League must learn and grow as a result of this experience."

Mantha coached Saginaw the latter half of the 2003-2004 season.

Read the full OHL press release here.

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