Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Whalers start inter-squad scrimmages today

Tyler Seguin (2-1) and AJ Jenks scored two goals apeice as the Whites defeated the Blues, 4-3, in a Plymouth Whalers training camp scrimmage played played Wednesday afternoon at Compuware Arena.

Ryan Hayes scored twice for the Blues, while Chad Rutkowski added a single. Jordon O'Neill recorded two assists for the Whites.

Hayes tallied the only goal in the post-game shootout for the Blues, scoring on goaltender Scott Wedgewood. Matt Hackett pitched a shutout in the shootout for the Whites, going 7-for-7.

The Blues and Whites played two 30-minutes halves with one fight - Buddy Wightman vs. Mike Yovanic early in the second half.

Whites - Tyler Seguin (Jordon O'Neill, Vern Cooper) 0:23
Blues - Ryan Hayes (Tyler G. Brown, Chris Terry) 11:33.
Whites - Tyler Seguin (Tyler J. Brown, Buddy Wightman) 14:16

Whites - AJ Jenks (Jordon O'Neill, Christian Steingraber) 4:20
Blues - Chad Rutkowski (Mike Yovanic, Myles McCauley) 6:20
Blues - Ryan Hayes (Chris Terry, Patrick Lee) 8:15
Whites - AJ Jenks (Tyler Seguin) 8:43

The Blues and Whites meet from 9-11 a.m. and 2-4 p.m. in scrimmages on Thursday. The scrimmages are open to the public. Rosters will be provided.


Brendan McLeskey scored the deciding goal in a shootout as the Blues defeated the Whites, 6-5, in the Plymouth Whalers first training camp scrimmage held this morning at Compuware Arena.

Goaltenders Jeremy Smith and Scott Wedgewood went eight shooters apiece before McLeskey won the game. Beau Schmitz scored the other Blues goal in the shootout. AJ Jenks replied in the shootout for the Whites.

Before the shootout, Patrick Lee scored twice for the Blues and added an assist. Chris Terry (1-1), RJ Mahalak (1-3) and Ryan Hayes scored single goals, while Jamie Devane added two assissts. Tyler Seguin, Tyler J. Brown, Kaine Geldart (1-1), Christian Steingraber and Jenks (1-1) scored for the Whites with Jan Látal notching two assists.

The teams played two 30-minute halves this morning with no fights.

Blues - Chris Terry (Tyler G. Brown, Colin MacDonald) 5:02
Blues - Patrick Lee (Jamie Devane, RJ Mahalak) 7:26
Whites - Tyler Seguin (AJ Jenks, Jan Látal) 10:30
Blues - Patrick Lee (Jamie Devane, RJ Mahalak) 12:53
Whites - Tyler J. Brown (Joe Gaynor, Kaine Geldart) 14:21
Blues - Ryan Hayes (Chris Terry, RJ Mahalak) 17:56

Whites - Kaine Geldart (Ryan Jablonski, Leo Jenner) 8:10
Blues - RJ Mahalak (Patrick Lee) 12:40
Whites - Christian Steingraber 15:13
Whites - AJ Jenks (Jan Látal, Vern Cooper) 16:31

The Blues and Whites play again this afternoon at 2:00 p.m.

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