Saturday, April 04, 2009

Jets seek new talent at pre-draft camp

Three weeks from now, the Metro Jets may get to see a glimpse of their future as 40 of their top-rated prospects will take part in a pre-CSHL Draft camp at Lakeland Arena.

For assistant coach Ryan Skop, it's something he and the rest of the coaching staff are definitely looking forward to.

"The pre-draft camp is something that's new to the Jets," Skop said. "Instead of doing a once a week 'drop-in skate' or something like that, we decided to make it more formal. What we're looking to do is get our top 40 prospects on the ice, together, prior to the draft."

Skop added that he hopes the players that come out can help the Jets improve on their seven-win season they suffered through this year.

"It's a camp designed more for the players than anything," said Skop. "We want to show them the quality players we have coming out and that we're trying to recruit to Metro. A lot of guys are apprehensive in coming to Metro because of our recent lack of success, but I'm hoping that if they can get on the ice together and see the talent that's there, they'll decide to see what we have to offer.

"On top of that, it allows guys who are going to North American Hockey League camps an opportunity to play a weekend of very competitive hockey and a chance to stay on the ice."

The camp will run April 25-26 for two hours each day with times to be determined shortly. Practice jerseys will be provided and cost is just $40 total for both days.

For more information, call Ryan Skop at (734) 771-3139.

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