Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spirit/OHL enjoy league scholarships

The Ontario Hockey League announced Monday that a total of 355 players have been awarded OHL scholarships for the 2009-10 academic year, with a total of 29 scholarships being awarded to active and graduated Saginaw Spirit players.

The OHL Scholarship Program is funded by the member clubs of the OHL.

"The OHL truly is the best of both worlds as a top tier hockey player can come into our league, find out if he has what it takes to get to the NHL, and if he doesn't he can still fall back on an education scholarship package that is paid for and awaiting his arrival,” stated Saginaw Spirit partner and president Craig Goslin. “The OHL scholarship program is an outstanding opportunity for an elite level athlete."

The 355 OHL academic scholarship recipients consist of 164 student athletes that currently play in the league, with another 191 awarded to graduates that are enrolled in 65 different post-secondary institutions across North America. This figure represents the highest number of players that have ever received an OHL scholarship.

Last season, the league awarded 316.

While playing in the OHL, every player is on a full scholarship which covers tuition, textbooks, compulsory fees and room and board as paid by his OHL member team. Once a player graduates from the OHL, he will receive a minimum scholarship of tuition, textbooks and compulsory fees towards an undergraduate degree for each year played in the league. An OHL scholarship can also be applied to technical or trade Schools, firefighting or EMS, in addition to the traditional university or college four-year undergraduate degree or diploma.

Scholarships can be utilized at any recognized university or college in the world.

Saginaw Spirit graduates:
Ryan Berard, Carleton University
Daniel Borges, George Brown College
Sean Courtney, University of Western Ontario
Ryan Daniels, Wilfrid Laurier University
Chris Ferguson, University of Western Ontario
Jesse Gimblett, University of Alberta
Tyson Gimblett, University of PEI
David Jarram, Conestoga College
Jamie Klie, Acadia University
Joe McCann, University of Western Ontario
Jason McDonough, Humber College
Jordan Ogilvie, Mohawk College
Tim Priamo, University of Guelph
Jean-Michel Rizk, Wilfrid Laurier University
Garrett Sinfield, Wilfrid Laurier University
Kyle Tront, University of Windsor
Steven Whitely, University of Waterloo
Jovica Zelenbaba, University of Waterloo

Each of the above played at least one season with the Saginaw Spirit

Active Spirit players attending university:
Mitch Fillman, Northwood University
Stephen Francella, Northwood University
Tyler Murovich, Delta College
Anthony Peters, Northwood University
Joe Pleckaitis, Northwood University
Barry Sanderson, Northwood University
Cody Sol, Northwood University
Jordan Szwarz, Northwood University
Nick Trecapelli, Northwood University
Joe Underwood, Delta College
Brad Walch, Delta College

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