Thursday, May 27, 2010

Four NAHL teams draft for the future

The North American Hockey League conducted its annual draft yesterday and all four Michigan-based teams took part.

1st round, 11th overall – Joey Sanchez, F, Chicago Mission
2nd round, 34th overall – Marc Biggs, F, Dallas Stars
2nd round, 36th overall – Robbie Hall, D, Chicago Mission
4th round, 81st overall – Alex Rosado, F, Alliance
4th round, 82nd overall – Cody Bisbing, F, P.F. Chang’s
5th round, 102nd overall – Greg Johnson, D, Dallas Stars
6th round, 118th overall – Joey Parizek, F, Ohio Blue Jackets
7th round, 131st overall – Tyler Lovejoy, D, Pittsburgh Hornets
8th round, 144th overall – Tyler Perpich, F, Novi High School
9th round, 156th overall – Daniel Swink, F, Lansing Capitals
10th round, 166th overall – Alex Grupe, D, Pikes Peak Miners
11th round, 175th overall – Forest Mudgett, F, Alliance
12th round, 184th overall – Scott Relf, D, P.F. Chang’s
13th round, 190th overall – Jonathan Drago, G, Ohio Blue Jackets

1st round, 21st overall – Joey Suleskey, D, Rochester High School
4th round, 90th overall – Ian Miller, F, Compuware
5th round, 108th overall – Nolan Valleau, D, Novi High School
6th round, 123rd overall – A.J. White, F, Compuware
7th round, 136th overall – Joseph Ferriss, F, Novi High School
8th round, 148th overall – Ryan Trenz, D, St. Louis Jr. Blues
9th round, 159th overall – Patrick Gregory, F, St. Louis Jr. Blues
10th round, 169th overall – Travis Carto, F, Davison High School
11th round, 178th overall – Robert Mantha, F, Little Caesars

1st round, 14th overall – Brennan Knoblock, G, Pickering Panthers
3rd round, 61st overall – Michael Marconi, F, Philadelphia Jr. Flyers
5th round, 104th overall – Colt Smelstor, D, Green Mountain Glades
6th round, 120th overall – Aaron Scheppelman, D, Victory Honda
7th round, 133rd overall – Conor Clancy, F, P.F. Chang’s
8th round, 146th overall – Colin Greeley, G, Victory Honda
9th round, 157th overall – Ross Kovacs, D, Russell Stover
10th round, 167th overall – Michael Lant II, D, Dallas Stars
11th round, 176th overall – Joey Ballmer, G, Kalamazoo Eagles

1st round, 20th overall – Ken Babinski, F, Midland High School
2nd round, 45th overall – Tyler Marble, G, Traverse City North Stars
3rd round, 67th overall – Zachary Dorer, D, Lansing Capitals
4th round, 89th overall – Eric Fragoso, F, Detroit Catholic Central
5th round, 107th overall – Drew Mayer, F, Honeybaked
6th round, 122nd overall – Matt Zaremba, F, Cleveland Jr. Lumberjacks
7th round, 135th overall – Robert Wiener, D, Lansing Capitals

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