Thursday, September 30, 2010

CSHL Showcase set for Burton Oct. 22-25

The Central States Hockey League and the Michigan Mountain Cats are pleased to announce the schedule for the 2010-11 CSHL Showcase.

The showcase will be held October 22-25 at the Ice Mountain Arena Complex in Burton.

The four-day showcase will feature the 12 teams from the CSHL in one facility. The purpose is to allow collegiate scouts, and scouts from Tier I juniors and Tier II juniors to gather in one location to view the hundreds of players from the CSHL.

Ice Mountain Arena Complex
5371 Avalanche Drive
Burton, MI 48509

Friday - 10/22
10:00 Metro vs Mountain Cats
10:30 Toledo vs Battle Creek
1:00 Cleveland vs Chicago
1:30 Queen City vs Peoria
4:00 Pittsburgh vs Quad City
4:30 St. Louis vs Flint

Saturday - 10/23
10:00 Peoria vs Metro
10:30 Chicago vs Flint
1:00 Battle Creek vs Pittsburgh
1:30 St. Louis vs Cleveland
4:00 Quad City vs Toledo
4:30 Mountain Cats vs Queen City

Sunday - 10/24
9:00 Pittsburgh vs Quad City
9:30 St. Louis vs Flint
12:00 Cleveland vs Chicago
3:30 Queen City vs Peoria
4:00 Metro vs Mountain Cats
6:00 Toledo vs Battle Creek

Monday - 10/25
9:30 St. Louis vs Cleveland
10:00 Quad City vs Toledo
12:30 Peoria vs Metro
1:00 Chicago vs Flint
3:30 Battle Creek vs Pittsburgh
4:00 Mountain Cats vs Queen City

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