Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Metal Jackets to partner with FHHA

The Motor City Metal Jackets and the Farmington Hills Hockey Association have formed a partnership called the Junior Metal Jackets of Farmington Hills.

The Metal Jackets and the executive board of the Farmington Hills Hockey Association have announced a mutual partnership starting in the spring of 2011.

The Metal Jackets are going to utilize the resources on and off the ice in their Junior A program in the NAHL to enhance the opportunity for players and parents of the FHHA. The Motor City organization will offer support at every level, including player skill development, coaching development and education on hockey fundamentals for both parents and players. The goals and philosophy of this organization align completely with those of the FHHA strengthening all aspects of their programs.

The FHHA has been a forerunner in the area youth hockey organizations for over a decade.

“We believe this partnership will enhance and strengthen the program and together, we will become a powerhouse in amateur hockey,” stated Kelly Moran, president of the Farmington Hills Hockey Association.

The FHHA has steadily declined participation in the past due to the emergence of associations to the west of that it originally drew players from, as well as to the economic recession. What the Metal Jackets have to offer in conjunction with the FHHA can only strengthen and grow the game of hockey in the area. The city of Farmington Hills and the rink management fully support this venture.

The Metal Jackets professional coaching staff will offer many benefits to the FHHA players, including a strength and conditioning coach and guidelines to ensure the kid's development at the right age, off-ice training guides to develop skills, coaching development at all levels to ensure players and coaches are receiving proper training, and weekly skills development sessions.

“Our program at the Junior A level is developed on the endurance of skating like the Japanese, the skill development of the Europeans, and the aggressive play of the United States and Canada," said Metal Jackets owner Kenji Yamada. "We would like to bring this same philosophy to the youth association and develop these young players while having fun each and every time they hit the ice.”

The partnership will create a path of opportunity from Tim Bits through House, Travel and possibly AAA (with the affiliate Jr Metal Jackets Grizzlies who play in the North American Prospects Hockey League) and Junior A that no other youth organization in the area will be able to offer.

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