Sunday, May 18, 2008

Whalers finish up rookie camp Sunday morning

The Plymouth Whalers completed their rookie camp Sunday as the White Team won a close contest, 7-6, over the Blue Team.

Tyler J. Brown switched teams at half.

The scoring:

FIRST HALF (35 minutes)
White - Jamie Devane (RJ Mahalak) 4:53
Blue - Dan Bacon (Kevin Gravel) 10:07
Blue - Christian Steingraber (Tyler Seguin) 11:24
White - Peter Neal (Torey Krug) 12:36
White - Anthony Hayes (Tyler J. Brown, Ryan Jablonski) 20:03
White - Jamie Devane (Beau Schmitz) 27:42
Blue - Brendan McLeskey (Tyler Seguin) 28:53
White - Christian Finch (Tyler J. Brown) 29:45

SECOND HALF (35 minutes)
Blue - Tyler J. Brown (Tyler Seguin) 5:23
Blue - Chad Rutkowski (Mike Yovanic, Kevin Gravel) 7:44
Blue - Sean Myers (Dan Bacon) 31:24
White - RJ Mahalak (Anthony Hayes, Torey Krug) 11:14
White - Anthony Hayes (Beau Schmitz) 24:20

Jablonski and Krug scored in a shootout as the White defeated the Blue in Saturday's scrimmage.

FIRST HALF (40 minutes)
Blue - Tyler Seguin (Colin MacDonald, Kevin Gravel) 2:45
White - Myles McCauley (Anthony Hayes, Ben Holtom) 4:20
White - David Morden (Jamie Devane) 10:54
White - Jamie Devane (Cory McDonnell) 25:00

SECOND HALF (35 minutes)
Blue - Ali Dakroub (Christian Steingraber, Austin Levi) 6:20
Blue - Tyler J. Brown (Christian Steingraber, Tyler Seguin) 11:20

Goaltenders were Scott Wedgewood (White) and Karsten Pankhurst (Blue).

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