Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rangers part of 'Hockey Night In Marquette'

As with all great ideas, the thought of a Marquette Senior High School/Marquette Rangers hockey doubleheader was born from necessity.

Due to scheduling conflicts in which both teams needed a home game this Friday, the two organizations have come together to form “Hockey Night in Marquette” at Lakeview Arena, an effort that will give both teams their home game while giving fans a full night of their favorite sport.

The Marquette Redmen will face Gaylord High School at 6:00 this Friday evening, while the Rangers will entertain the U.S. National Team Development Program immediately after.

The evening will serve to benefit both organizations, according to Rangers spokesman Mark Evans.

“A portion of all the pre-game ticket sales will go directly to MSHS athletics and to the Redman hockey program,” Evans said. “Athletic director Mark Mattson and Redmen coach Joe Papin have been so great to work with – what with their willingness to move their game forward to accommodate our needs that we wanted to make it worth their while to do so.”

“The regular Rangers tickets and ticket prices will apply and will be used for the evening, but fans will get both games for the one price. The Rangers will also honor any MSHS season passes for the games in an effort to make this as easy for fans as possible. The bottom line for both teams is a great crowd that’s ready for a fun night making some noise for both teams.”

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