Wednesday, May 13, 2009

USHL Entry Draft sees Demartino go No. 1

Yesterday saw a plethora of Michigan talent get selected in the USHL Futures Draft.

Today, even more Michigan-based talent saw their USHL options open up with the league's Entry Draft.

Little Caesars forward Justin Demartino, a Ferris State recruit, went to Tri-City with the first-overall pick and U.S. NTDP goalie Will Yanakeff, a Michigan State recruit, was taken two picks later by Sioux City.

All players drafted are eligible to play in the USHL next season.

1st Round
1st overall, Justin Demartino, F, Tri-City (Little Caesars)
3rd overall, Will Yanakeff, G, Sioux City (U.S. NTDP)
6th overall, Michael Voran, F, Sioux Falls (Livonia)
9th overall, Tyler Amburgey, D, Waterloo (U.S. NTDP)

2nd Round
15th overall, Ryan Misiak, F, Sioux Falls (Motor City Machine)
17th overall, Garrett Ross, F, Cedar Rapids (Victory Honda)
19th overall, CJ Motte, G, Sioux Falls (Traverse City North Stars)
22nd overall, DJ Vandercook, F, Des Moines (Farmington Hills)
25th overall, Evan Kovacs, F, Cedar Rapids (Grosse Pointe North HS)

3rd Round
31st overall, Dean Pawlaczyk, F, Youngstown (Traverse City North Stars)

4th Round
43rd overall, Alex Guptill, F, Waterloo (Michigan recruit)
45th overall, Steven West, D, Lincoln (Milford)
47th overall, Steve Hensley, D, Omaha (Detroit Catholic Central)
49th overall, Jake Chelios, F, Chicago (Little Caesars)

5th Round
63rd overall, Brent Tate, F, Lincoln (Little Caesars)
65th overall, Travis Lynch, F, Green Bay (Victory Honda)

6th Round
68th overall, Joe Kalisz, F, Sioux City (Victory Honda)
73rd overall, Matt Wahl, D, Omaha (Cranbrook-Kingswood)
77th overall, Matt Stewart, D, Cedar Rapids (Little Caesars)

7th Round
84th overall, James McNulty, F, Sioux Falls (Victory Honda)

9th Round
106th overall, Charles Williams, G, Des Moines (Honeybaked)

12th Round
146th overall, Ryan Rashid, F, Sioux City (Farmington Hills)
148th overall, Andy Huff, F, Youngstown (Honeybaked)
152nd overall, Mike Yanis, D, Sioux Falls (U of D Jesuit)

13th Round
159th overall, Dan Dekeyser, D, Sioux City (Algonac)
169th overall, Kyle Jean, F, Green Bay (Traverse City North Stars)

15th Round
189th overall, Aaron Schleppelman, D, Fargo (S2)

16th Round
197th overall, Dalton Young, D, Des Moines (Belle Tire)
208th overall, Chris Leone, D, Green Bay (Belle Tire)

17th Round
212th overall, Sam Calabrese, D, Chicago (U.S. NTDP)
218th overall, Matt Green, G, Lincoln (Little Caesars)

18th Round
229th overall, Eric Rohrkemper, G, Omaha (Grosse Pointe North HS)
232nd overall, Adam Phillips, D, Indiana (Soo Eagles)

19th Round
243rd overall, Tony Thomas, F, Waterloo (Novi Catholic Central)

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