Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thirlby excited to join Hartland squad

Tyler Thirlby anticipated for his hometown Traverse City Cohos this season, but when the Cohos’ franchise went dormant, he had a solid Plan B waiting at his fingertips – the Hartland Hounds.

Signing with the Hounds and making his debut in the two games last weekend in Rhinelander, Thirlby said he adjusted as quickly as he could to the speed of junior hockey.

He played last season for Traverse City West High School (pictured).

“I think I played pretty good for my weekend and I feel like I learned the playing style really quick from my teammates and coaches, but I know I still have a lot to work on,” said Thirlby, a forward. “I knew very little about the Hartland organization, but what I did know was that Randy (Montrose) was a great coach from when we played Howell High School two years ago and his teams have always been top-notch.”

Montrose is ecstatic about having Thirlby join the Hounds.

“Tyler is a character kid who will do anything to make a play,” said Montrose. “I’ve watched him play for a number of years and he’s one of those kids that you hate to play against, but you’d love to have him on your side.”

Thirlby agrees with Montrose’s assessment of his play.

“I like to get the puck to the net whether it’s shooting, passing or hitting other players to get it there,” Thirlby said. “I love to hit; it’s one of my favorite parts of the game. Whatever coach Randy needs me to do, I’ll try my best to get that job done.”

As a goal for this season, Thirlby wants to finish among the team leaders in points and earn a tender from a North American Hockey League or United States Hockey League team for next season.

That said, if last weekend was any indication, Thirlby will enjoy wearing the black and white this season.

“When I walked onto the bus, I wasn't expecting the team to be that welcoming,” said Thirlby. “The boys are hilarious and always keep it fun, but when it’s game time, we get it done.”

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