Thursday, November 01, 2012

D-man Cebalt a quiet force for Hounds

Garrett Cebalt is one of those quiet players for the Hartland Hounds that simply goes out, does his job on the back end and does it consistently.

An unsung hero for sure, but the 18-year-old from Milford is happy with his role and will continue to handle shut down duties as long as the Hounds keep winning.

Coming from high school hockey, Cebalt knew he would need to step his game up a notch and so far, he’s done just that.

“It's a pretty big jump going from high school to juniors,” Cebalt said. “All the players are better and faster, which means you have to be as well. Everything is different. There are more road trips, team bonding sessions, more games, the longer season, better teams and players.

“My expectations for this season are to improve myself as a player in all aspects of my game. Long term, I would like to keep playing hockey as long as I can, but right now, I want to focus on the good thing we have going in Hartland.”

Being one of the many local players on the team means Cebalt found his niche almost immediately on the team.

“Everyone gets along great,” said Cebalt. “I have seen no problems between anyone. We all seem like brothers on and off the ice.”

On the ice, Cebalt said his game is keeping it simple.

”I feel like I have a more defensive role on the team,” said Cebalt. “I just want to keep the puck out of our zone and make that good defensive play to stop a goal.”

So far, so good.

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