Friday, November 09, 2012

Parrott playing mature game in Hartland

Zack Parrott barely remembers the Detroit Red Wings winning back-to-back Stanley Cups in 1997-98.

That’s because the Hartland Hounds’ defenseman was only born in 1997, making him the youngest player on the Hounds’ roster and the youngest in all of the Midwest Junior Hockey League.

On the ice, one would hardly realize Parrott is but a sophomore in high school.

In two of his last three games, he has dropped the gloves and fared well. Then again, that’s part of Parrott’s game.

“I have always tried to play more physical and don't back down from anybody,” said Parrott. “I am not afraid to go in the corners or battle in front of the net. Really, I try to follow Nick Lidstrom's way of playing. He played solid every night and didn't try to get fancy – just a solid stay-home defenseman.”

Playing most nights against players up to five years his senior, Parrott is also used to that.

He played on the Howell High School junior varsity team (pictured) when he was in eighth grade and also skated with the JV squad during the 2011-12 season.

“I have always wanted to play for (Hartland coach) Randy (Montrose) and his coaches,” Parrott said. “When I went to tryouts, I felt I played well and when Randy offered me a spot on the Hounds, I thought it would be a great opportunity, so I happily accepted.

“I get along great with all of the guys on the team. They don't treat me any differently because of my age. Playing in this league with guys that are all older than I am forces me to play at my best every night to make up for my age.”

Parrott, who sees himself playing college hockey down the road, went on to say that being on the MWJHL’s top team record-wise has helped to shape him into a leader.

“Every teammate has taught me something different about playing at this level,” said Parrott. “We have great leadership in our captains, Jake Henrikson, Max Biggings and Jared Vincek, who always lead by example, but every player is a leader on this team.

“I am very proud to be a part of the Hounds. We are a strong team with lots of talented players. We have battled through this season so far and we need to keep working hard to get better every day.”

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