Wednesday, April 04, 2007

IceDiggers to honor host families Saturday

On Saturday night during the first intermission of Game 1 of the NAHL playoffs between the Alpena IceDiggers and the USA Under-17 team, the IceDiggers will honor the team's host families at center ice.

Each member of the team will lead their host family to the middle of the ice to be recognized by everyone in attendance at the first-ever home playoff game for the IceDiggers since joining the NAHL in 2004.

"Without these fine folks, IceDigger hockey would not be possible," Alpena head coach Kenny Miller said. "Honoring them is the least we can do. They open their homes to these young men, make them a part of the family and we truly respect and thank them for that."

The following host families will be in attendance for Saturday's game: Dr. Robert and Nancy Coombs, Mark and Robin Birmingham, Tom and Judy Sommerfeld, Mike and Norma Agius, Tim and Kay Sayre, Dr. Eric and Joanie Cornish, Bill and Arlene Peterson, Al and Mary Wirgau, Peggy Levren, Tom and Lisa Hilberg, John and Marie Fisher, Dave and Terri Dziubinski, Ray and Theresa Henry, Tom and Debbie Van Massenhove, Marie Tulgestka, Milt and Colleen Clark, Tom and Peggy Marzean and Bob and Sue Krafft.

The IceDiggers will also honor second-year housing director Donna Baranyai as Miller will also lead her to center ice along with the host families.

"Donna and I have worked together since I came her two years ago and she has helped me tremendously," added Miller. "She makes my job easier and words can't express how grateful I am."

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